Welcome to Wondrous Joy!! I am so happy to be able to share this space with you. Let me begin by giving you a brief overview of what this space is all about.

The first thing to know is that this website will be evolving over time. My overall vision for this little patch of cyberspace is much bigger than what I’m able to establish from the start. I’m not looking to start another Google enterprise, but I am hoping to establish a bit of a resource hub for holistic well-being and authentic personal living. This will involve looking in-depth at the social, emotional, physiological and spiritual aspects of our human experience. We will consider current research into neuropsychotherapy, physical and emotional health and well-being as well as talking about the more existential aspects of developing a robust spirituality and practical theology. I am passionate about embracing all of life and making the most of every opportunity that is available to us. In these pages you find resources, blog posts,  links to contemporary research and anything else that speaks to discovering Joy in every facet of our human experience. I firmly believe that we are called to live life in abundance. Exactly what that looks like is somewhat ambiguous. But I believe it is something we will each discover by learning to live authentically.

This leads neatly into the next most important thing you should know. I am a Christian. Everything I know about Joy and about life is completely informed by my personal worldview as a Christian woman. Exactly what that means is something I will flesh out another time. I wanted to mention this here though, because in order to be authentic, it is important that I be transparent about the way I view the world.

The inspiration for this website has been developing in my mind for some time now. I used to write a personal blog called ‘My Wondrous Joy’. That blog came about as a way for me to process some of the things I was learning about life, love and hope. This was an incredibly healing experience for me. It was a blog born out of personal tragedy and deep suffering. However, it was through this season of suffering that I learned the preciousness of authentic joy. Joy is not simply a fleeting emotional state. Authentic joy is found woven throughout all of the experiences of life. The experience of Joy is not black and white. We have been born into a world of vibrant colour. Joy is shaped and coloured by the seasons that we live through, and its form will look different from time to time. But joy can be found in all of the moments, and it is well worth the seeking!

My hope and prayer for this space is that it may inspire some to seek out a life lived with Wondrous Joy. I am convinced that this is possible when we seek to live with personal authenticity and to know, with deep intimacy, the One who came that we may have life, and have it in abundance!