Isaiah 12:2 – a meditation

Notice the language used in this passage. It is personal and it is present tense. The author, Isaiah, is speaking what is his personal and present experience of God.

As I meditate on this verse in the stillness of the morning, I begin to speak this verse as if it is mine. My own experience of God. I notice the voice of fear creep into my thoughts. How interesting

I consider what this verse says to me about how my faith informs my fears.

As I sit wrestling with this question in the quiet stillness of the morning, I whisper my deepest fears to God.

He answers me with, “I have you”.

“I have you.”

He is personal. He is present.

Peace washes over me and I breathe…

Ultimately, my deepest fear is not actually the circumstances I dread. The circumstance is how I imagine experiencing my deepest fear. But the circumstance itself is not what I fear most.

In reality my deepest fear is being abandoned by God. Regardless of what circumstance I fear most, this is the ultimate fear behind it. To find that God does not have me. To find that I am, in fact alone…

Peace is not the absence of fear. It is the assurance of my Salvation.

Because of Jesus, my Salvation is secure. Regardless of what I face in this life, God has me. He is personal. He is present. I will not ever face my fears alone. This changes everything. The peace of my assurance in Jesus gives me the courage to look todays fears in the face and move forward anyway.

Fear will not claim me… He has me.

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