It is an awkward thing to write an author page about yourself. How much do you say? Where do you start? What are the most important things that people should know about you? You don’t want to be too vague and brief, but also, you don’t want to overshare and be that person who talks incessantly about themselves for a very long time. Then there is also the wrestle of wanting to present as somewhat professional without being too formal or sterile. But you also don’t what to come across as super casual and completely unprofessional either. So in the spirit of being authentic, I decided to just share with you how awkward it is for me to write this thing… and that right there probably gives you a fair bit of insight into what sort of person I might be.

So now that we can be comfortably awkward together, here are some other key things that might be helpful for you to know about me.

My hair is far more extroverted than I am, and it really does have a mind of its own. Trying to deal with my hair on a daily basis occupies way too much of my mental space- #curlyhairwoes. I am very blessed to be married to one of my very favourite people, Andrew. Together we get to parent three very awesome humans, which is the greatest privilege of all time. I love animals and plants. Being in the garden or at the beach watching the sea turtles are my two favourite places that nourish my soul. Good food and good coffee are also nourishing to my soul… 

Andrew is a Church Pastor and we have done that crazy thing called Church Planting – that has been a wild adventure! We live in small, but very beautiful town on the East Coast of Australia and I am so thankful for the community that we have been planted into. I am a counsellor by trade. I specialise in working with grief and complex trauma and am currently in the final stages of a Master of Counselling and Neuropsychotherapy. This is where my heart delights. It is a tremendous honour to journey with people in their most vulnerable and fragile state. To sit with someone in the depths of their suffering is sacred ground, because when you really sit in that space with a person who is deeply broken by the terrors of this world, that is when you see the hand of Redemptive Grace move in mighty and powerful ways. Our God is the God who Redeems, and it is a magnificent thing to behold.

I am what we call in the industry, a ‘wounded healer’. My own story is dotted with deep grief and past traumas, which means I have a very real appreciation for the fragility of human life and well being. I am well acquainted with anxiety and am still in the process of recovering form extreme adrenal fatigue. Throughout my own journey of coming to terms with death, disability, un-realised hopes, broken relationships and failure I have not been able to shake the words that Jesus speaks in John 10:10.

“The thief come only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

For a long time, I wrestled with God about this passage. Life has not seemed very ‘abundant’ at times. But you know what, Jesus is lovely and He has found so many ways to show me the Wondrous Joy of being authentic with him about every aspect of my human experiences.  He is the God who Redeems. 

He is the God who Redeems…

My prayer is that what I have gleaned through my years of study, soul searching and personal healing may serve to strengthen and equip others to live authentically in the Wondrous Joy knowing Christ Jesus, our Lord.